Union Head is new Dean at Mesa College


Southwestern College Faculty Union President Andy MacNeill has accepted a position as dean of humanities at San Diego Mesa College.

MacNeill said a colleague suggested he apply for the position in December and he thought it would be a good opportunity to expand his experience.

“There is a void of leadership at the community college level,” said MacNeill. “I’ve learned so much that I felt I could be valued in a position at a college-wide level. I thought it was the next step.”

MacNeill may be filling a need at Mesa, said Professor of Communications Eric Maag, but opening a hole at SWC.

“All of us are going to have to put in our effort to fill the void,” said Maag. “I think we’ll be able to carry through some of the things he was about.”

Maag said the faculty union is losing several key members and gaining new faces.

“It will be different,” he said. “More people need to get involved. We’re all happy for Andy. He deserves the opportunity to move up.”

MacNeill said he is also confident that the school and the union will do just fine without him.

“It’s because of the team, because of the people that have gotten together who cared enough to keep pushing and change the board and administration,” he said. “But what that has done is there is great leadership that is involved and coming up behind as well. There are people that have been around with institutional memory who are ready to step away and there are people coming in behind them. In that respect, I feel that we are well taken care of here.”

Academic Senate President Angelina Stuart said MacNeill will be missed on campus as a professor and a friend.

“He is a joy to work with and has made my tenure as Senate president much brighter,” she said. “His eloquence, dedication to the cause, easy-going spirit and his ability to make you laugh in the midst of near-crisis make him a valued and treasured colleague who will be missed for a long time.”

Stuart said she has learned a great deal from working with him.

“He is a strong advocate and leader, a great husband and father, but more importantly, a great friend,” she said.

MacNeill begins at Mesa on July 1.

“I care a great deal about this institution,” said MacNeill. “It’s time for me to try something new.”



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