Top brass blows away audience

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Music professor, Cynthia McGregor plays the french horn during the Hornswoggle recital at Southwestern College on April 23, 2011.

A crescent moon of brass musicians sit among a crowd of anxious audience members. Comprised of members of the prestigious San Diego Symphony, the brass ensemble known as Hornswoggle put on a show that illustrated promise from the start.

Songsmiths gathered their French horns and began to harmonize, blending perfectly.

Beginning with a classical song, the horns gently began to build laying the foundation for the sound to come. Horns on the left played while the horns on the right dwindled into silence. The musicians took turns playing from left to right when seemingly out of nowhere, the horns blared in unison with a burst of emotion, springing the audience into the music like an Olympic diver going for the gold.

In a world that is humanly flawed and imperfect, the music was pure and divine. Standing amongst the musicians, the conductor gave direction. His hands flared into the heavens, while his face distorted with passion and his chest filled with pride. It was easy to see that the music he was directing came directly from his soul.

As the recital progressed and eased to a close the music went from classical to classic Western. They began with the theme song from the iconic show “Maverick.” Audience members could not help but smile and some even hummed along to the catchy tune. Progressing through a slew of other Western classics, the Hornswogglers epically ended their performance with the theme song to “Bonanza,” an unexpected surprise. A classy heartfelt speech from the composer gave thanks to all who took the time out of their busy lives to listen to some good music. Having the pleasure of listening to the Hornswogglers was an exceptional experience.



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