Tiny artists, big talent


Southwestern College’s youngest artists created a photography exhibit that was picture perfect. They even got to have their show where the big kids have theirs.

SWC’s Child Development Center held a photo exhibit in the Student Art Gallery that was long on talent even if the photographers were short in stature. Preschool photographers captured their environment, friends and toys with unusual angles and uncensored artistry.

Soft background music was drowned out by the wave of jokes and giggles from the artists. From a 15-month-old to a five-year-old, the young artists captured the moment.

Estafano Fajardo, 4, snapped a photo of a dinosaur reenactment scene, complete with brown foliage, multiple dinosaurs and his friend.

Four-year-old Jeremiah Salazar snapped photographed his friend on the seesaw, or “the duck” as the kids call it nowadays.

Interests piqued as people walked through the gallery and saw the different angles and the complex photos the kids took. Many parents jokingly accused the Child Development Center staff of taking or editing the displayed photos. Didn’t happen, the grown-ups insisted.

These little artists were quick to show off their unique talents. They had parents and friends running around and sometimes crouching to look at their art.

A group of photos taken with an infrared effect were the biggest attraction of the evening. Tiny faces of 14 kids in different colors looked out as an admiring audience looked on.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the CDC photo show was worth a million.


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