The Sun heads to Comic Con


Tis the season to be nerdy. It is that time of year when San Diego is transformed into a world of fantasy. Trolleys are dressed as superheroes and flags emblazoned with comic book characters line the skies of Downtown San Diego.

Within a five-mile radius of the convention center, strange characters roam the streets making an outsider like me feel like a muggle.  As someone who is extremely partial to the world of fantasy I love every minute of this magical metamorphosis that is San Diego Comic Con International (SDCC). It’s not every day you can walk into a local bar and ask for a bottle of Tru Blood and be handed one in return.

But as a muggle does not understand the magical world of a wizard, I am someone who has never attended SDCC and fear that I cannot fully understand its magic until I can step through the doors of the bay front convention center myself and partake in all its glory.

For shame, it is true I have never been to a Comic Con, but I have another confession to make. As much as I grew up wanting to be Jean Grey and had a crush on Peter Parker, I have never owned a comic book.

There are many wrongs I am willing to make right and in just a few hours I am picking up my four day badge to get into the 2011 Comic-Con. Along with purchasing my very first comic book and experiencing the pop cultural phenomenon first-hand, I have an epic writer to give thanks too, an emerging Southwestern College artist to interview and about 100 pounds of well-deserved SWAG to pick up.

There isn’t a comic book or fantasy adventure that doesn’t include a journey and you’re welcome to come along on mine.



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    Comic-Con is more than just comic books, there are movies, television, anime, cosplay and more. From what I read I believe that you will enjoy it. I have been going for years and I am excited for this year’s Comic-Con. Just go with an open mind and let your geek out!