SWC tap dances into politics

Photo by Darcy Aguayo

Photo by Darcy Aguayo

Performing artists across America have began to weight in on the prospects of a Donald Trump presidency. “Dance, Dance, Dance!” was a kinesthetic kick that showed that demonstrations of democracy do not always require words.

“Rock the Vote” featured seven tap dancers who represented the controversial presidential election. Dancers performed behind voting polls with only their racially-diverse legs showing. They portrayed freedom and the strength of multiculturalism.

After the dance, performers got off stage and gave gifts to the audience. It was spontaneous and unexpected, but fit in perfectly. It gave the performance meaning because it showed the freedom Americans should have.

“Chiapas” was a great folk dance that highlighted the rich culture of Mexico. Vibrantly-dressed women moved their skirts like waves lapping on a tropical Mexican beach.

Dancers chanted joyfully throughout the performance, inviting the audience to temporarily shed its skin and join in the meso-American mirthfulness.

Best of the night was “Diggin’ Sand Man,” a fantastic tap dance duo featuring Professor of Dance Dana Maue and student Alejandra Islas. Professionalism and polish permeated the charismatic pair which inspired members of the audience to get up and dance with them.

“Dance, Dance, Dance!” showcased the college’s always-strong program, and imparted important messages about equality and culture. Maue made the experience interactive, told some jokes and gave a much-needed positive vibe during a stressful weekend. Not bad for a band of artists forced to rehearse in a converted cafeteria this semester.

Southwestern’s legacy of dance excellence deserves the new digs promised on the corner lot. This campus and our community are going to need SWC’s performing and visual arts more than ever to help make sense of Trump Nation. Maue and company took some great first steps.


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