Multimedia: 7th Annual Street Painting Festival



The allure of a woman has the power to leave a lasting impression, even if it is written in chalk.Powerful images of powerful women came to life when SWC hosted its 7th Annual Street Painting Festival in celebration of Women’s History Month. For the first time in three years the chalk artists were not threatened by rain and their dusty masterworks attracted thousands of views over the two-day festival. Students, faculty and community members made on Jaguar Walk a concrete canvas to create temporary testimonies to women who changed the course of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Some artists even used plastic wrap that was stretched across two trees to form a high-tension medium. These artists used spray paint to create temporary murals that included the words “hope” and “beauty,” themes of the event. Spectators, music, sunshine, rows of vendors and a blend of multicultural food choices surrounded the artists but nothing distracted them. “Above all,” wrote Nora Ephron, “be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” Chalk up another win for the ladies.



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