Southwestern College governing board selected Dr. Melinda Nish as the new permanent Superintendent/President


Interim Superintendent/President Denise Whittaker makes a speech about her experience at Southwestern College and her enthusiasm for the board’s selection, Dr. Melinda Nish.

Edited by: Alyssa Simental


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  • As difficult as it is to lose a wonderful Vice President of Instruction, I wish Southwestern a hearty congratulations for making an excellent choice. Dr. Nish’s ability to remain calm but decisive in difficult times will serve your institution well. She is an advocate and friend to administration, faculty, staff and students alike.

  • carolina rojo

    i really hope Dr Nish abilities are used in the financial Aid office, maybe he will be able to stop and see what is that the staff in that department is doing, Southwestern college is the only college that is not sending student their financial Aid checks and not only that but they’re not even able to give the student a straight answer of what’s going on, with their well deserve money, students are not even able to apply for a student loan with out their award letter or apply for a job, not only they have to worry about their grades, but also about how to pay for their book, transportation,board etc. etc.
    what can we do? do you have a sugestion? I’m so ready to call the News and see if they can investigate what’s going on at Southwestern, the President, Dean, and everyone alse that should be helping students do not answer E-Mails or phone calls please help if you can

  • As mayor, I will work with the Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools as partners in improving our community.