Prospective players train with Navy SEALs


Sorry Giants, Dodgers and Thunder, the hottest team in the United States today are the Navy SEALs.

Coronado’s super soldiers who wiped out Osama Bin Laden gave the Southwestern College football team a taste of a SEAL workout. It was three hours of soaking, sun, sand and suffering that made tire flipping seem like coin flipping.

“All of our guys went and pushed through,” said coach Eric Sanchez. “They were sore, they were hurt and they were angry. But at the end of the day, they pushed themselves harder than they had ever been pushed.”

Head coach Ed Carberry said the training was “wet and sandy” after SEALs made the players run up a sand dune.

“You jump into the water in the ocean fully clothed, run back over that sand dune and roll back down it, so they were completely covered in water and sand,” he said.

The training, as he explained, was made so players could be as uncomfortable as possible.

They were assigned to carry 350-400 pound logs in teams.

“Not one guy quit, everyone made it through,” said Sanchez. “There was not one person that was going to quit out there because they knew that quitting would mean quitting on their team and quitting on their group. On our ride back over I had the biggest smile on my face because those guys went through three hours of intense training and the thing that I was impressed with the most was that by the end of the day, they were having fun, they had smiles and they loved it.”

Sanchez said the SEAL workout was a good team-building experience.

Carberry said he would like to have the team train with the SEALs again soon.

“It was a great learning experience,” he said. “You can go to college for 10 years and not learn what they learned about themselves in three hours.”


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