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Going green means more than separating paper, plastic and glass at home or turning off lights to conserve energy. There are many ways to make Earth a more sustainable place.

Southwestern College students can learn about global awareness through “Our Global Future: Values for Survival,” better known as Physical/Political Science 250.

Topics covered in the class include energy sources and status, air pollution and the economic consequences of neglecting the environment.

Physical Science Professor Shery Medler and Professor of Political science Alma Aguilar teach the course and motivate students to improve the environment.

“We encourage students to critically evaluate their personal values in relation to global issues,” said Aguilar. “The timing of this is crucial with everything that’s going on.”

Aguilar said students analyze personal values and actions that can make a positive global difference.

In addition, the class raises awareness on global issues such as extinction, water and air pollution and how it will affect the future.

“Getting involved and getting the bigger picture is what students should take with them after this class,” said Medler.

Aguilar said many former students have volunteered their time to help the community.

“Former students have described the class as life changing,” said Aguilar. “I want students to feel empowered. One person can really make a difference.”

Aguilar and Medler also have students analyze how cultural and religious affiliations affect views on the environment.

Aguilar said this is a class unlike any other because students gain knowledge that will be useful throughout their life.

Political science major Danny Ruiz, 22, has seen first-hand the benefits of this class.

“Most environmental issues are related to politics but we really get into the root of the issue and see the bigger picture of the problem,” he said. “Teaching young people about global issues is important to our society.”


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