Police academy leader sought


Southwestern College’s Police Academy recently regained its accreditation. It is now looking to find a permanent director by July.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Mark Meadows said a POST accreditation team came in October of 2009 to review the program and in December indicated that the program would be suspended.

“One had to do with tested measurements,” he said. “One had to do with curriculum and process, another one had to do with leadership.”

Meadows said the position of director has been changed from a classified position to an academic post.

“It’s more consistent with other police programs,” he said.  “It allows them to be more involved in the curriculum and it also allows them to supervise faculty directly.”

Governing Board Member Nick Aguilar said the SWC community should know that the police academy is already secure in its certification and the status of the program does not affect SWC accreditation as a whole.


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