Letter to the Editor: Graffiti is an artistic outlet, not a crime


What is graffit? Is it a way of rebellion against our law enforcement? Does it stand for gang names or territories? There is a positive, it can lead you to a better path. You can use graffiti to create a magnificent future for yourself, to create great paintings with the tools you use to make trouble in the streets, where the consequences can haunt you. What can you do to create a better future for yourself? Look for something that inspires you to work hard and develop an inspiration to make you step for success. What should you do right now? Go out and do what you are best at. What makes graffiti so recognized? Is it that law enforcement has looked upon it since the 70’s? Or is it that the art world has admired graffiti’s massive murals that express many emotions and thoughts from the artist’s life? Every painting and every mural tells a story related to the artists themselves.


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