Letter To The Editor: Administration coddles police chief


What does it take to get fired at Southwestern College? Apparently firing a weapon at head level through a blind wall with no idea of what’s on the other side and nearly causing a fatality is not grounds for firing, otherwise Police Chief Michael Cash would be gone. Cash came closer than anyone in the college’s history to killing someone with a gun.

This was first and foremost a crime, not an accident. Southwestern College took the predictable act of first calling its lawyers because they realized that this is a potential lawsuit. There is a video camera with audio in the booking room of the SWC police department. What happened to this evidence may never be known.  This would be evidence for opposing counsel to collect by court order be protected from being destroyed.  It looks like the administration didn’t want to pay out emotional distress damages to the employees who witnessed the event therefore they had to silence those employees, just in case they knew they had rights and should be awarded money for what happened to them. 

How many practice drills do the SWC police conduct per semester?  Students have a right to know if the types of emergency text messages that they are receiving are police practice drills or real.  This is especially important since we have trust issues with the chief of police who has trouble keeping his firearm in its holster. How many people heard the weapon fire? Do the Southwestern College Campus police have silencers on their pistols and rifles? It seems that they might, since students on campus on the day of the incident were unaware that it had happened without the reports in the college newspaper.

Although the incident was a crime, predictably it will not be reported as a crime to the “College Crime Statisistics Website” because ironically, it was one of their own.  Even though the college has chosen to forgive Mr. Cash and allow him to keep his career for now, any individual who is guilty of such misconduct should be required to involuntarily resign. 

What is the campus police budget and what is the chemistry stock rooms budget? When was the last time new animal brains were ordered for the human anatomy and physiology students? It seems that the last goat brain I got to examine had broken into various sections from over examination by too many students over years of biology classes and was completely missing its pineal gland as well as other small brain parts. 

Now we have a football stadium enormous structure that will serve a tiny fraction of the student population, cost the taxpayers millions, and still we are forced to re use sections of goat brain floating in a bucket in the biology stockroom from last century.

College leaders are proud of the winding sidewalk at Gotham Street, but why don’t they take pride in the sidewalks on campus that are used as a parking lot by the campus police who will eventually break that sidewalk with the weight of their vehicles and require more stupid expenditures on sidewalk that should have gone towards academics? No more budget increases should be allowed for the campus police.  We don’t need a Humvee, K-9 unit, or police sedans when there is already very little crime on campus, excusing the misconduct created by them.


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