Investigator issues seven recommendations


Forensic auditor Scott Seo called on Southwestern College to change its construction contract procurement practices, provide more oversight and establish a strict code of ethics for the Educational Foundation.

Recommendation 1:

The standard of practice at Southwestern College will be that all decisions will be made openly, publicly and with appropriate documentation being included in the public agenda.

Recommendation 2:

Southwestern College must develop and strengthen policy and procedure for procurement and contracting and have the documents reviewed by legal counsel before being approved by the Governing Board.

Recommendation 3:

Southwestern College will implement an appropriate recordkeeping system to maintain Business and Financial Affairs department contract documentation and other vital information.

Recommendation 4:

Southwestern College will take responsibility for, and ownership of, all projects and will not delegate that authority to any outside firm. Southwestern College will not use any potential contractor, or its owner or employee, to develop any Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request For Qualifications (RFQ) for the college.

Recommendation 5:

No Southwestern College-awarded contract may be modified by staff to add any third-party work not identified in the contract. Governing Board action in public session will be required to add third-party contracts.

Recommendation 6:

Southwestern College’s Conflict of Interest codes should be reviewed, strengthened and strictly enforced. Forms 700 will be posted on college’s website.

Recommendation 7:

The Southwestern College Foundation will review and make any necessary modifications to its Code of Ethics and fundraising policies and work with Southwestern College to ensure all fundraising activites are appropriately accounted for. Southwestern College will continue to maintain appropriate staff to run Foundation activities.


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