House of Mexico slated for groundbreaking


balboa_park_logo_4_colorMajestic stone halls and lavish courtyards in Balboa Park were alive with jolly spirits and a growing tide of anticipated excitement. This celebration cost more than just member donations, however, where in some cases many spent 20 years of their lives preparing for it.

Formerly nonexistent, the House of Mexico was a ghost of its own potential, floating from the lawns of neighboring nation cottages and common areas, searching for a physical home.

Its search is now over.

A foundation for the House of Mexico’s physical inclusion at Balboa Park’s International Cottages announced that construction may finally begin as early as this December.

This inclusion was long overdue, Border Angels and House of Mexico founder Enrique Morones said.

“We will be bypassed no longer,” Morones continues, “We want to let everybody know that we’re proud to be Mexican. We want to show off our culture, our art, our cuisine, our music – especially our children. Whether those children are Mexican or not, those children belong to all of us. We want them to have a place to go to be proud of, right here at Balboa Park.”

Border Angels coordinator and current Southwestern College third year, Dulce Aguirre, who when asked about the significance the House of Mexico will have on Southwestern College students, says she feels “it’s going to open up a lot of volunteer opportunities as well as for them to learn about the Mexican traditions.”

Many of San Diego’s officials, including Governor of Baja California Francisco Vega, and San Diego Councilman David Alvarez, joined a few hundred of the city’s charged citizenry to celebrate this latest success at an annual event held at The Prado in Balboa Park. Among the many festivities were the installations of newly elected officers for the Executive Board of Directors, as well as an art auction, and a dance.

Freshly installed House of Mexico President, Bertha Hernandez, said that more student involvement with the House of Mexico could be mutually benefitial. “We’re seeking a younger generation of House of Mexico members. We definitely need your young, strong, talented people to join us. Another effort we’re taking is establishing a scholarship for students, and I think that we also want to provide internship opportunities to students, so at Southwestern, what a great place to start.”

Though the $250,000 cottage is slated for a December groundbreaking, Enrique Morones said he hopes San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer will expedite the process and announce as early as September. HOM President Hernandez said they only have a couple hurdles left. “The next step is in getting the Historical Society part of the park to approve, and of course it’s a matter of funds, but I believe that the House of Mexico is ready to break ground.”


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