Female student reports being chased by unknown suspect last night


Acting Chief of Police Robert Sanchez issued a Campus Safety Alert today after campus police responded to an incident of a female student that reported she was harassed and chased by an unknown male on campus last night. Campus police are investigating the incident and asking any witnesses to come forward.

Here is the Campus Safety Alert issued by the Southwestern College Police Department.


Southwestern College Police Department

Robert Sanchez, Acting Chief of Police


Campus police received a call last night at 10:37 PM from a male student stating that his girlfriend was attacked on campus. The female student was distraught and her boyfriend was upset. Officers interviewed the victim and her boyfriend and obtained the following details.

The victim was in parking lot “J” waiting for her boyfriend to finish his class. The female student needed to use the restroom and she walked to the 1500 building (gymnasium) women’s restroom. After using the restroom the female student heard an unknown male’s voice coming from the planter box bushes next to the 1500 building.

The unknown male suspect tried repeatedly to get the female student to come over to him. The female student started to walk away quickly from the area since she felt threatened by the unknown suspect. As she ran towards the parking lot in an attempt to get back to her vehicle the unknown suspect chased after her.

The female student ran into another student who happened to be walking by and he saw how emotionally distraught she was. He escorted her to her vehicle. The female student’s boyfriend arrived a few minutes later and they both drove off campus. The female student’s boyfriend convinced her to call campus police and report the incident.

There is no suspect information or a clothing description at this time. Campus police is actively working this case and ask anyone that has information or may have witnessed this incident call campus police at (619) 482-6380.

As a safety reminder please walk in well lit areas of the campus. If you need to walk out to your car or you walk through unlit areas of campus use the buddy system and walk with a fellow classmate. If you are here by yourself and classes run late or you are working late on campus. Please contact the campus police department for an escort. Campus police officers are here for your safety. If you see anyone suspicious on campus, please call the police department as quickly as possible and provide as much detail about the person, vehicle, or the incident as you can to the police dispatcher.

Campus police can be reached via the following means:

(619) 482-6380 Campus Police

Ext. 6380 from any phone in class

*91 from any pay phone on campus and call boxes in parking lots reach us directly, all you have to do is pick up the emergency phone in lots A, B, C, D, E, F, G, K, J, and O.



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