Evening classes have advantages


Night time is the right time at Southwestern College. Too bad more students do not stick around to enjoy the night life.

Day classes can be crowded, tough to get and filled with immature students. They have students sitting on the floor and professors doing as much traffic control as teaching.

Teaching night classes often falls to younger part-time instructors. They are the ones who travel between campuses, bounce between classrooms and teach at odd hours. Adjuncts are often brilliant, usually dedicated and always glad to be there.

Andrew Rempt, English professor and Learning Assistance Services Coordinator, said students attending night classes tend to be older and better behaved than daytime students.

“Evening students generally seem more serious and involved,” he said.

Students attending for job training often have busy day schedules, so night classes make sense. These students help create a better learning environment, because they contribute experience and wisdom.

While daytime classes might be packed with gossiping children just out of high school, evening classes are filled with learned and experienced people. And they only come out at night.


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