Cyrill Maclan, Beauty and Brains

Basic Beauty

BASIC BEAUTY–One of the many classic looking outfits that make Cyrill Maclan look both professional and stylish at the same time. Photo by Karen Tome

Conservative, classic, and whimsical, Cyrill Maclan is not afraid to show her avant garde style. The Senator-At-Large of the Associated Student Organization (ASO) arrived to her noon meeting with fashion initiative and rocked the political runway with her fashion glow and modeling experience.

Being senator of the ASO for two consecutive semesters and worker in University of California San Diego Moores Cancer Center, Maclan said it takes her around 15 to 30 minutes to get well-dressed every day.

Her maroon blazer adds flavor to the black mini dress and lace-up platform booties bring her outfit to life with an edgy touch.

A black dress with golden appliques on the neckline adorned her figure and call for what up-coming spring is all about, a glow of gold. Black nylon tights and the black mini is the perfect match to complete her professional look.

“I believe it is not really the price,” said Maclan. “It´s how you carry yourself wearing those clothes.”

A packed schedule leads her to trade Rapunzel long hair for a short practical bob and the minimal use of make-up, which defines her soft facial traits and ignites her natural beauty. With simple accessories, Maclan achieves business look with a contemporary fresh air.

Being a woman with meaningful duties, Maclan has to look the part and keep her look dressy yet simple.

“Whenever I have meetings, I would dress up professionally, of course. If it´s an ordinary day, it varies,” said Maclan.

“I am adventurous,” she said, “I don´t shop for a specific items … [I] buy random clothing and mix and match at the end of the day.”

Maclan said she believes girls are judgmental and concerned about the way they look and tend to forget that real beauty comes from within. She said she stays true to the saying “happy girls are the prettiest” and believes happiness is her beauty secret.


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