Crime Report Week of February 20



Crime logs are created to be accessible to the public with a system that is uncomplicated and user-friendly. When accessing the online crime report for the Southwestern College Police Department, user-friendly does not apply.

Impossible. Complicated. Confusing.

The task of navigating the crime log is summed up in these words with so many technical problems with the site.

February 3 is the last crime log report that aligns to the correct date.

After that, clicking on February 4 the crime log takes you back to January 14, clicking on Feb. 5 takes you to Jan. 15, and so on.

Feb. 15 takes you to Jan. 24 and clicking on Feb. 16 takes you to Jan. 26.

Clicking on Feb. 12 takes you to a Word document version of the crime log for Jan. 23, while all others take you to separate tab.

Searching Feb. 9 will not load, taking you to a blank page.

On February 20, attempting to access the crime log for February 21 takes you to an agenda for the SWC Foundation’s annual meeting from October 28, 2014.

The process is so complicated and filled with technical issues that it is a wonder how any one who wishes to is expected to navigate this page.


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    Why don’t you just go into the campus police office? If there is time to click on links and write about their destinations, then there is time to walk into an office.