SUPER GYM SHAPING UP — Artist’s rendering of the proposed SWC Wellness Center shows a striking, multi-level facility that will anchor the long-jinxed corner lot.

Wellness center shapes up

Written by: Jaime Pronoble / News Editor


After 15 years of proposals, debates, scandal, cancellations and re-designs, the first actual building on the long-jinxed corner lot may …

Photo by Mason Masis

Jaguars prowl new home

Written by: Lina Chankar, Senior Staff and Nicholas Baltz, Sports Editor / Sun Staff


    Southwestern College’s long-awaited $45 million DeVore Stadium 2.0 has opened its gates to the community — well, some …

Former Southwestern College superintendent Raj K. Chopra appeared at the Chula Vista Courthouse on Friday, April 12, 2013. Judge Ana España set the trial date for Chopra and the 15 defendants to begin on Feb. 18, 2014.

Former Southwestern College superintende…

Written by: By Nickolas Furr and Lina Chankar / Staff Writer


Former Southwestern College superintendent Raj K. Chopra appeared in San Diego County Superior Court today, his first public appearance since …

College files suit against contractors

Written by: Nickolas Furr, Mary York / Staff Writer


Citing legal questions, monetary compensation and issues of principle, the Southwestern College Governing Board voted unanimously to file lawsuits against …