BAD APPLE - Jesse Lopez's "Magic Spells" pays homage to Snow White.

Student art gallery a dreamscape

Written by: Kayla Hall / Staff Writer


“Hello Dali!” Even without melting watches, Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher would have been proud of the “Lucid Dreamers” digital …

Art interns need more class sections

Written by: Wendy Gracia / Asst. Campus Editor


Apprenticeships are the introduction to a serious relationship with the art world. Master artists take aspiring students under their guidance …

ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL — Operation Gatekeeper is the backdrop of the stunning "Labor Migrant Gulf" exhibit in the Art Gallery. 
Photo by Karen Tome

Review: Gatekeeper’s Children

Written by: Andrew Perez / Staff Writer

As Operation Gatekeeper polices push migrant death counts past the 10,000 mark, the angry ghosts of dead immigrants haunt the …

FESTIVAL OF COLORS  – "Left is Right" by Sonia Morelos at the street painting festival. 
 Photo by Karen Tome

Chalking Up a Winner

Written by: Wendy Gracia / Asst. Campus Editor

Rain is the friend of the farmer but the mortal enemy of the sidewalk chalk artist. A spring rainstorm washed …