By Lina Chankar


Suicide bomber. Sand nigger. Camel rider.
Those are the few names I have been called because I’m an Arab-Muslim.
I live each day trying to better my future and myself. It is unfortunate that we still have a large number of people in our society that generalize and blame an entire culture or religion because of the few despicable acts of others.
It is taboo nowadays to be an Arab or a Muslim. They are suffering the consequences of what extremist groups are doing.
After the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001, I was afraid, and embarrassed, to admit I am an Arab or a Muslim. I was afraid of being judged, not accepted or even attacked, just as other Arabs and Muslims were during that time.
I have come to realize judgmental and racist actions by others do not define me. It is an issue they are dealing with.
Now, in order to fight racism I speak out and write about it in the hopes of opening minds and hearts.


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