Breaking up is still so hard to do


“Breaking up is hard to do,” sang Neil Sedaka in the 1950s.

Boy is it ever. Break-ups are hard to get over and social media have made it worse. Facebook and Twitter have become disaster sites for young women who can­not control their feelings. Raw emotions that would have healed in private prior to the Age of Algorithms are now published in an instant for the entire world to see.

Young women need to take a deep breath before sending out that e-blast. No one in social media wants their “newsfeed” or “timeline” infested with tacky phrase like: “I thought we were the perfect match,” “You completed me,” “What am I going to do without you?” or “I can’t believe this is happening to me! My heart is broken and I will drown in my own tears!” Melodramatic clichés may feel good while being typed, but they are reputation wreckers.

Ladies, you need to know that guys will always be more resentful than girls. So if you are done with a guy and the next min­ute he is already smooching with the chick right next to you (hopefully not your mom), smile and be glad you dumped the man. There is nothing worse than a guy who acts on impulse and goes around chasing random bimbos for a chance to get over an argument that went wrong.

The Beatles were right: Let it be. Do not go to your ex to tell him you are seeing someone. He does not care, especially if he dumped you. If it is the other way around, that is even worse and is just plain mean – and possibly dangerous.

Do not call him on the phone or text him for little get-togethers. You were to­gether long enough to realize you do not belong together.

After you get off the needy-desperate-psycho phase and are ready to try dating again, do not talk about past relationships with the new guy. Two things guys despise about relationships are being dumped in public and hearing about some guy that used to make out, touch or sleep with his new girlfriend. If a guy asked, “Would you like to go ice skating?” do not say, “Aw, that’s where Johnny used to take me. Of course I want to go!” You will ruin the poor guy’s entire day. Just give him a simple answer like, “Sure, I love ice skating!” or “No thanks, not my thing.”

Girls that break these rules end up with a rep, and possibly on the “Top Five Women You Should Never Date” list. Restraint and dignity go a long way. Be­sides, not every guy is Mr. Right. It takes patience to find him. Give yourself the time – and give the on-line vitriol a rest.



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