ASO broadcasting program hits air from student center


To get on the air, the Associated Student Organization (ASO) has found its wings.

Southwestern College’s ASO has reached its long-standing goal of starting up an internal broadcasting program.

ASO President Sayaka Ridley said the project has been in the works for a few years, but has run into obstacles along the way.

“We started it two years ago, before I was even here,” she said. “It’s just so hard to put it through. There’s a lot of things behind it that I wasn’t aware of until I became president.”

ASO leaders’ most recent obstacle was technical difficulties with the program they are using to air the broadcasts on the TVs.

“We had to basically put a halt on it until we got the TVs up and running,” Ridley said.

Jonathan Higa, senior project clerk for the ASO, said that the technical difficulties were resolved at the end of the fall 2014 semester and that he now has a better understanding of the program the ASO is using.

Philip Leo Pascual, ASO Vice President of Public Relations, is one of the driving forces behind the project and is the anchor for the programs.

“When I was sworn in as VP of PR I felt like this broadcast program would be the central point of our administration,” he said.

Pascual said the program will feature events on campus, ASO information and will ultimately serve as a medium between the ASO and the student body. He said student government representatives want to inform their constituents about what the ASO is and what they do.

Ridley said the program will be useful to students.

“My personal view is that it would benefit the students a lot to know what’s going on on their campus,” she said. “I think that’s huge.”

There is currently no set budget for the program, according to Ridley.

“We didn’t allocate a certain amount of money for it and the reason why is because it’s practically free,” she said.

Pascual said the ASO is considering opening a scholarship of $150 to encourage students to submit an intro and outro for the episodes.

For video shooting and editing, the ASO is working with the SWC Cinema Arts and Media (CAM) club.

Pascual said that episodes will air weekly. Their production schedule will start on Monday mornings at 8 a.m. They will submit the recordings to the CAM club, which will edit them and get the finished product back to the ASO on Fridays.

Broadcasts and announcements are playing on the four TVs in the student center. Ridley said they may try to branch out in the future, but that it is not a current priority.

Pascual said he wants the broadcast to be sustainable.

“I would hope that prior to me leaving, we would have a solid foundation so future administrations can pick up where we leave off,” he said.



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  • steve

    One would think that the Sun would be a bit more critical of the ASO. As having a little institutional memory myself, I know the relationship between the SUN and the ASO has been strained. It does not seem that the strain has been on the side of the SUN. It is the ASO that has been apprehensive. When I became a part of the ASO fall ’13, I was softly told “watch out for the SUN” the first time I was approached by them was to talk about the Ricasa incident. Everyone was so scared. I was confused about this because all I was asked was “what is your opinion on the matter”? Very simple question. Now, on to my point related to this article. The Broadcasting program is not up and this is suppose to be the highlight of President Ridley’s term. This is the only project currently being worked on that has any noteworthy highlights and its NOT completed. One has to ask, what has President Ridley done since she became president? There are two months left in the semester and we have the empty shell of a broadcast program and a club video in the student center thats on a continuos loop. There are so many more things to talk about and bring up. It is my opinion, and the views of many other students that this ASO administration has failed us…