A ‘Day of Dance’ showcase is a moveable feast


Even the Old Testament says there is a time to dance. At Southwestern College it was “A Day of Dance,” a free college hour showcase that was a joyous lift during the semester’s final stretch.

“It is a day for the audience to appreciate dance,” said dance major Sophie Onwochekwa.

Dance professor Mary Jo Horvath gave students the opportunity to gain confidence in front of an audience. All students were encouraged to perform.

“It was a good experience and opportunity to overcome fears,” said dance student Amanda Patron.

Three students hyped the audience as they moved their body to the suave rhythms. Belly dancers wore an aquamarine and royal blue outfit with a gold hip skirt that jingled as their hips moved in sync with the music. They smiled joyously as the crowd cheered their Middle Eastern magic.

Mexico’s boisterous ballet folkloric lit the quad with a spectrum of colors and feet that stomped away the blues. SWC’s Ballet Folklorico Club sold food to raise funds for a new wardrobe.

A day of dance had a great outcome and students enjoyed life on campus.



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